about LPNL

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LPNL started in 2001 as a record label 
located in Rimini, Italy. At the time w
used to record our bands in an empty house 
to obtain a natural reverb with 
low-fi equipment, and we printed albums 
only in limited editions made by hand. 
From the early years we decided to adopt 
creative common licenses and we distributed 
songs online with vitaminic 
(kind of napster but legal) 
and later myspace
Things changed very soon as more and more 
bands dropped their demos or even 
full albums recorded in professional studios. 
We decided to stop printing 
physical records and in december 2005
we turned LPNL netlabel into a blog, 
whose revenue is not based on recording, 
but on web advertising. 
This change boosted our creativity, rather than 
stopping our productions. 
Soon we developed our "Low-fi philosophy": 
loops as the source code of music
We begun to release songs 
with the source loops under creative commons 
and soon we found that 
remixers visited our website searching for 
stems and sounds for their productions. 
Slowly we shifted our releases 
from indie and electrorock to IDM 
and experimental electronica, 
as the result of the interaction between 
producers, musicians, djs, and remixers. 
From 2009 to 2015 LPNL made a serie of
home live sets that took place on a rooftop. 
These small events for 10-20 people 
are called "terrazzo lounge".
In 2016 LPNL launched the sound library 
and started the production of stems and sounds 
designed for producers, djs and beatmakers.

you can follow LPNL on facebook, twitter and soundcloud.